Flexographic Print

Flexographic, or “Flexo” printing, can be used on a large range of materials, colors and with high-quality custom effects. We have a fully equipped production facility, making it ideal for high-end custom decor, capable of color matching and print with intricate detail, precision, and clarity.

Digital Print

Paradigm Labels’ in-house digital press is the perfect solution to lowering your costs on lower quantity runs. Requiring no printing plates, and having easy changeovers, gives you flexibility on quantities and SKUs. No more need of large setup fees for Marketing runs and press samples!

Digital and Flexo Combo Print

Imagine being able to combine the best of both printing methods. What would you be able to create? With revolutionary technology and supreme experience, Paradigm Label is able to offer Combo printing. Combining both technologies for the best of both worlds!

With having both printing processes under one roof, we have been able to add some ease to the lives of our customers. No more need of making multiple emails and phone calls to decide which is best for you. We will help!

  • Up to 10 color UV inks, and varnishes

  • Cold Foil
  • Sculptured and single level embossing
  • Specialized combination printing
  • Adhesive printing
  • Extended content labels
  • Magnetic tooling and die options
  • Barcode verification system
  • Sutherland rub testing
  • In-house age testing
  • Over 100 stock substrates for an immediate turnaround
  • Over 1,200 stock die sizes

  • Sheeting, rolls, and fan folding options

Excellence In Manufacturing

Pre-press Artwork Guidelines


  • Adobe Illustrator CC 2018
  • Adobe Photoshop CC 2018
  • Adobe Acrobat CC 2018
  • Adobe InDesign CC 2018


We prefer file in NATIVE Adobe Format with the following:

  • All linked VECTOR files must be saved as EPS files or converted to OUTLINES.
  • All RASTER images must be saved must be 300dpi or better at 1:1 size.
  • Include original RASTER image files for art that has embedded images.
  • We prefer FONTS to be OUTLINED however can accept True Type and Open Face Fonts.
  • Bleeds are .0625 all sides on all labels.
  • Shrink Templates are custom per job. We do require 2mm clear Top and Bottom. 3mm of extended (Overlap). 2mm and 5mm can be on right or left. 5mm is the top overlap. We can assist you in template design if needed.
  • Spot colors must be indicated as such.
  • Include a PDF of the file for accuracy, it can be Low Resolution.


  • Color Capacity: 8 (Per Pass)
  • Line Screen: 150 -175
  • Traps: .35mm – .50mm (All trapping done at the production level)
  • Minimum Printing Dot: 3% – 5% (Art Element & Color Dependent)
  • Maximum Printing Dot: 100%
  • Minimum Font Size:
    • Positive: 4-5 Point (Font Style Dependent)
    • Reverse: 5-6 Point (Font Style Dependent)
    • Minimum line thickness: Positive: .5pt Reverse: 1pt
    • UPC Codes: No less then 80% (Unless approved by Customer)